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الموقع الإلكتروني البريد الإلكتروني

هاليبورتون المحدودة

هاليبورتون المحدودة المعلومات
Business Activity/Category:النفط والغاز > بترول - حقول - تجهيزات
البلد:United Arab Emirates
  • ADH:02-6942222      (+971 2 6942222) or (026942222)
  • DXB:04-3310666      (+971 4 3310666) or (043310666)
  • ADH:02-6942222      (+971 2 6942222) or (026942222)
  • DXB:04-3310666      (+971 4 3310666) or (043310666)
  • ADH:02-6942100      (+971 2 6942100) or (026942100)
  • DXB:04-3310442      (+971 4 3310442) or (043310442)
  • ADH:02-6942100      (+971 2 6942100) or (026942100)
  • DXB:04-3310442      (+971 4 3310442) or (043310442)
Location:11th Floor, Lulu Centre Building, Salam Street
الموقع الإلكتروني:

Environmental Technology for Fracturing Learn more about the new CleanStim formulation, and disclosure of fracturing fluid components. Workflow Integration Solve specific drilling, completion or production challenges with integrated workflows. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Search through material safety data sheets for all Halliburton products. Awards and Recognition See our core values of safety leadership, ethical behavior, operational excellence, and technology innovation hard at work. European Shale Gas: A Long Road Ahead Shale gas has revolutionized the North American natural gas landscape over the past few years. Real-Time Fluid Sampling Creates Opportunities The GeoTap IDS sensor identifies fluid and samples while drilling. Bringing Digital Geology Back to Life Advancements in technology rooted in classic geologic concepts are giving mainstream geologists. What's New in Well Logging & Formation Evaluation New developments include an ultrasonic wireline imager, an electromagnetic free-point. Tear Down the Silos How true data integration allows people across the asset team to collaborate. Rotary Steerable Systems How Rotary Steerable Systems have gone from Exotic to Indispensable. My Account Locations Contact Us

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11th Floor, Lulu Centre Building, Salam Street
United Arab Emirates


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الشركه الدوليه للتجاره‏ يتمثل نشاطنا فى الشحن ( البري والبحري والجوي ) والاستيراد والتصدير حيث تمتلك الشركة كافة المقومات التى جعلتنا من ضمن شركات الإستيراد و التصدير في المملكة العربية السعودية . ‏ التحديثات تم بحمد الله توقيع عقد بتوريد ٢٠٠ الف طن ديزل لليمن ‏تم بحمد الله توقيع عقد بتوريد 150 ألف طن لدولة اليمن أسمنت من إنتاج الممكلة العربية السعودية الايميل [email protected] الجوال - واتس اب 00966532540070 International Trading Company Our activities are in freight (land, sea and air), import and export where the company has all the ingredients that made us among the import and export companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Updates A contract was signed to supply 200,000 tons of diesel to Yemen. A contract was signed to supply 150,000 tons of cement to the State of Yemen Cement produced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. [email protected] Mobile - Watts Ab 00966532540070


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