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Lead Consult

Lead Consult Details
Business Activity/Category:Engineerings & Contractors > Engineers - Consulting
City:Abu Dhabi
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • ADH:02-6760820      (+971 2 6760820) or (026760820)
  • ADH:02-6760820      (+971 2 6760820) or (026760820)
  • ADH:02-6760830      (+971 2 6760830) or (026760830)
  • ADH:02-6760830      (+971 2 6760830) or (026760830)
Location:Najda Street

COMPANY INTRODUCTION Lead Consult International is an established consultancy firm with offices in Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Cairo, and Ankara. Its technical team consists of high-caliber professionals with international experience in various specialties capable of providing engineered solutions for diverse problems. The comparative advantage of LEAD lies in the extensive first-hand knowledge and experience of its team in the prevailing systems in the GCC and the Middle East. This experience is coupled with advanced engineering training capable of adapting innovative technology to address challenging problems. Lead Consult is also affiliated with international consulting firms for providing specialized services that meet clients needs. The management at LEAD is committed to client satisfaction in all products and services.

Location Map

Najda Street
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates


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