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Al Hadaba International FZC

Al Hadaba International FZC Details
Business Activity/Category:Computers & Accessories > Computer Software
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • AJM:06-7475730      (+971 6 7475730) or (067475730)
  • AJM:06-7475730      (+971 6 7475730) or (067475730)
  • AJM:06-7441720      (+971 6 7441720) or (067441720)
  • AJM:06-7441720      (+971 6 7441720) or (067441720)
Location:A 601, Ajman Free Zone

Al Hadaba International FZE is an innovative, technology focused, business driven end-to-end IT Solutions Company with specialization in providing cost-effective custom software solutions to clients based across the Middle East. Since our inception in 2003, we have gained a great reputation as a software development company for offering cutting-edge solutions in all key verticals and horizontals which span a complete life cycle from planning, designing, innovation, development and testing to implementation, role out and maintenance. Al Hadaba International FZE has a global footprint with productive presence in many countries. Being a process driven company based in UAE, we have effectively utilized engineering methods and best development tools to surpass all competition posed by our competitors. At Al Hadaba International FZE, we attribute this successful growth and expansion to our unique business model, a relationship-based approach with almost all of our work derived from long-term relationships. For us, consistent earnings growth, manageable risk, lower development costs, and a more predictable revenue stream have resulted from our hard work. We at Al Hadaba International FZE attribute this win-win situation to our firm belief in values and people who work with us. Our values let all sound characteristics combine and produce the best out of us. In fact, we are always committed to provide defect-free development of product conforming to customers' requirements on time by complying with the requirements of our quality management system and continuously improving in effectiveness through constant upgradation of pool of resources. In other words, our customer-oriented approach and global delivery mechanism separates us from typical software development companies. For more than four years, we as one of the leading software development companies have created a positive return on investment for our clients. If you are serious about your business and want to reach out to the world, we can get you there. Strategic Thinking, Top Developers, Personal Attention, Quality, Competitive Prices, Real World Results - discover the Al Hadaba International FZE difference. Retail X Medicine Point-of-Sale system is a.[more] Retail X Clinic is a comprehensive Electronic Medical Records (EMR) sof.[more] The E-Management is a software package that provides a.[more] RetailX Market is a very comprehensive PO.[more]

Location Map

A 601, Ajman Free Zone
United Arab Emirates


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Mawanda Baker -

Dear sir/ madam. Am called Mawanda Baker from Uganda East African country. I usually come to dubai specially Sarijah J&P signal to buy refurbished laptops and then I ship them to my home country. And a friend of mine told me about computer companies in free zone Ajman. Do u sell also refurbished laptops and d other computer accessories. If so how can get a list of what you sell and their prices. Best regards Tel: +256702568479 WhatsApp +25670256879 Website:


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