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International Packaging Company LLC

International Packaging Company LLC Details
Business Activity/Category:Packaging & Storage > Packaging Manufacturers
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • AJM:06-7436814      (+971 6 7436814) or (067436814)
  • AJM:06-7436814      (+971 6 7436814) or (067436814)
  • AJM:06-7435503      (+971 6 7435503) or (067435503)
  • AJM:06-7435503      (+971 6 7435503) or (067435503)
Location:Municipality Garage Road, New Industrial Area

Local Partnership in Global Markets. Eat Healthy. Live Longer Consumer Our Quality Commitment Nutrition Information My Recipes Personal Care Bar Soaps Shampoos Shower Gel Hand Wash

Location Map

Municipality Garage Road, New Industrial Area
United Arab Emirates


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