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Advantage Car Rental LLC

Advantage Car Rental LLC Details
Business Activity/Category:Automotives > Buses - Hire & Leasing
City:Jebal Ali
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • JBL:04-8804000      (+971 4 8804000) or (048804000)
  • JBL:04-8804000      (+971 4 8804000) or (048804000)
  • JBL:04-8803535      (+971 4 8803535) or (048803535)
  • JBL:04-8803535      (+971 4 8803535) or (048803535)
Location:Jebel Ali Industrial Area 1

Advantage Car Rental is a part of the Al Yousuf LLC, the dealers for Chevrolet, Daihatsu, Daewoo, Suzuki, and Yamaha Marine Engines and Bikes. Advantage car Rentals in Primarily into the Leasing Business and caters to the Car and Bus Leasing.

Location Map

Jebel Ali Industrial Area 1
Jebal Ali
United Arab Emirates


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Nadir -

They are best in car rental service . good , cheap and very clean cars . I got car delivered on my door step . very good service

Nadir -

Best car rental and leasing in Dubai


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