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Vxceed Technologies

Vxceed Technologies Details
Business Activity/Category:Computers & Accessories > Computer Software
City:Abu Dhabi
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • ADH:02-6771150      (+971 2 6771150) or (026771150)
  • DXB:04-3911780      (+971 4 3911780) or (043911780)
  • ADH:02-6771150      (+971 2 6771150) or (026771150)
  • DXB:04-3911780      (+971 4 3911780) or (043911780)
  • ADH:02-6790060      (+971 2 6790060) or (026790060)
  • DXB:04-3911789      (+971 4 3911789) or (043911789)
  • ADH:02-6790060      (+971 2 6790060) or (026790060)
  • DXB:04-3911789      (+971 4 3911789) or (043911789)
Location:2nd Floor, Gulf Business Centre, Hamdan Street

Move the Value Order Point(VOP) back in the demand chain with greater visibility to shelf inventory. Influence demand creation with effective sales force utilization. RouteTrac powers Replenishment demand fulfilment and in-store execution by empowering, monitoring and controlling the in-store behaviour of your field sales reps. RouteTrac suite covers Pre-sales (Order Management), Van Sales (DSD), Merchandizing and delivery, with an ideal mix of mobile and back office applications covering all aspects of secondary sales and distribution operations. The PharmaPulse Sales force effectiveness and CRM solution that allows pharma, biotech, and healthcare field teams deliver results with better visit planning, call reporting and performance measurement. Embedded industry best practices allow your teams to consistently deliver results in the face of ever increasing competition. The Fast-Optima On-demand transport optimization suite of products is designed to help you plan and optimize your routes and schedules each day. Using a set of fast best in class algorithms, map data and GPS tracking, Fast-Optima On-demand produces optimum routes and schedules while considering all the business variables typical to your operations.

Location Map

2nd Floor, Gulf Business Centre, Hamdan Street
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates


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