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Veco Engineering

Veco Engineering Details
Business Activity/Category:Contractors > Contractors - Turnkey Projects
City:Abu Dhabi
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • ADH:02-6346640      (+971 2 6346640) or (026346640)
  • ADH:02-6344503      (+971 2 6344503) or (026344503)
Location:1801, Mashreq Bank Building, Electra Road

CH2M HILL provides multidisciplinary services to markets diversified by both industry and geography. With our full-service capabilities and global footprint, our market scope is wide, yet our expertise in each market we serve is strong and focused. Whether your project is large or small, straightforward or complex, CH2M HILL's full-service capabilities are at your service. CH2M HILL's global organization is structured to provide a full range of project delivery services to support clients worldwide. To learn more about our locations click here. Do you have a project? Tell us your needs and we'll let you know how we can help. As the world's population exceeds seven billion people, the demand for reliable energy sources continues to grow. CH2M HILL helps some of the world's most recognized energy companies safely, efficiently, and sustainably develop the globe's energy resources, enabling societies to thrive for generations to come. Working in some of the world's harshest environments, we tailor our services to meet your project and business objectives. Whether conventional or non-conventional oil and gas, chemicals, traditional power, nuclear power, gasification, or renewable energy sources, our full-service portfolio helps you successfully meet the increasing demands for safety, efficiency, cost containment, project delivery reliability, and regulatory requirements. 2011 CH2M HILL and its licensors. All rights reserved. CH2M HILL and the CH2M HILL design marks are registered trademarks of CH2M HILL, Inc. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | CH2M HILL is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Location Map

1801, Mashreq Bank Building, Electra Road
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates


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