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Oil Tech International

Oil Tech International Details
Business Activity/Category:Oil & Gas > Oilfield Supplies
City:Abu Dhabi
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • ADH:02-6332975      (+971 2 6332975) or (026332975)
  • ADH:02-6332976      (+971 2 6332976) or (026332976)
Location:Daratul Miah, Khalidiya

Oil Tech International has been at the forefront of providing various Solutions in UAE for over six years. From strategy to design, to implementation, operation and ongoing support, Oil Tech international provides advanced best-of-breed solutions backed by world-class international vendors in the specialized areas of Wired & Wireless Infrastructure, Converged Network Systems, Security Systems and ELV Integration. The company has also a trading division handling multi line trading activities including electrical, mechanical, instrumentation & chemical products catering to oilfield, power and other utility sectors. In addition, we have signed up with world renowned companies to work as their agents in Middle East and have also undertaken numerous projects. Our professional services enable our customers to quickly deploy and better manage their networks and create new, revenue generating services. Oil Tech International is a young and growing Abu Dhabi Based Entity specialized in supporting and providing customers by offering complete solutions. Our company is always animated by the spirit of good service and quality in different areas which are, 1. PRODUCTS (Industrial Plant & Replacement Parts): (a) Engineering products: Pneumatic starters, textile printing machines, explosion proof protection , engine turning machine , compressors, levels for trucks, electric motors condition monitoring, electric motor repair equipment, coil winding machines, wire, spring and tube forming, reinforcement steel machinery, building materials and other general items (b) Instrumentation: Electrical actuator, pneumatic actuators, industrial valves, solenoid valves, pneumatics elements, pneumatic valves. (c) Safety equipements: Live saving appliances, helicopter emergency equipments, fire fighting, hoses various, chemical protection, occupational safety, ship security(ISPS), oil pollution equipments, medical equipments, navigation, communication, measuring instruments, life rafts, rescue boats, davits-cranes, emergency lights, signal tapes, signals-signal flags, signal and safety lights, deck equipment, storage boxes, warning signs and boards. (d) light and led: Led array range, led walwasher, track light system, metal down light spot range, compact down light range, outdoor spot rang, led wall aplique range, led pendant range, led down light range, pendant series, down light 12 V halogen, surface mounted square (e) Storage equipments: automatic storing system consists of a completely modular structure and can be up to 46 feet high to exploit the maximum available height in the building it is controlled by SYSTORE software and allows an elevated storage density and a large savings in terms of floor space. 2. SERVICES: Under the leadership of a right direction of management, oil tech international staff, from the executive to production, engineers and business share the same motivations, and priorities facing the demands of an increasingly open market, Wear their company at the forefront, earning quality, gain competitive advantage. Two reasons to choose oil tech international: It is clear that for the completion of a project several parameters come into some are more decisive than others; the materials and equipments of good quality at best prices workforce qualified and experienced Oil tech is able to provide both in respect of your commitment and your image your reputation is ours, OTI rich of its experience in sales and services is regarded as an effective partner for all its customers for this purpose it has partnered with a large number of world-class companies in order to meet a request from growing market , provide our customers with the best economical solution in response to there specific needs, and guarantee the preservation of the performance . Among these companies we quote; OUR REFERENCES: The strategy of reconciliation with our clients allows us to establish a win-win partnership with them. This allows us to have as references of companies leaders in their fields as; ABUDHABI TERMINALS

Location Map

Daratul Miah, Khalidiya
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates


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