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Dubai Consultancy Research & Media Centre

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Business Activity/Category:Business > Conference & Seminar Facilities
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • DXB:04-3323000      (+971 4 3323000) or (043323000)
  • DXB:04-3323000      (+971 4 3323000) or (043323000)
  • DXB:04-3314666      (+971 4 3314666) or (043314666)
  • DXB:04-3314666      (+971 4 3314666) or (043314666)
Location:517, Fairmont Office Suites Building, Sheikh Zayed Road

In preparation for voter registration and candidate filings for the September election of the next Federal National Council, the National Election Committee of the UAE announced an electoral college of about 129,000 personsa 19-fold increase over the 2006 election. Bhuths emirate by emirate analysis of this electorate shows marked increase in the proportion of women and younger personsimportant steps in moving toward full political participation for all UAE citizens. A year ago Dubai, London, and perhaps Chicago apparently escaped disaster through a mix of timely intelligence, careful investigation and ultimately, good fortune. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's imaginative hiding of explosive material in computer printer cartridges fell before alert security, particularly in Dubai. Two key conclusions emerged. The large construction projects in .emirates . have produced an over-supply of property that is making it difficult to establish a floor under this troubled sector of the UAE's economy. A year and a half ago, many international commentators forecast that Dubai was on the verge of collapse monumental in size. The UAE has decided to hang back from further effort to clear away the low-grade trade war that it finds itself in with Canada because the outcome of the recent Canadian election offers little prospect for settlement. Formulating Dubais development strategy for Knowledge-based Economy.will provide the main signposts, or road map, marking them out from the central pillar of the prime goal. The sense of direction that will come out of this roadmap will facilitate the appropriate formulation of Dubais development strategy and will increase the success rate of its implementation. by Ibrahim Kursany (Ph.D) Director, Economic Studies Division, Bhuth We propose a two-pronged strategy to deal with this crisis in order to protect the higher interests of the country and emirates. First: Work on providing the strategic commodities such as food, water and energy, because these basic goods are strategic to protecting the national security of any country. Second: Fund development projects in all vital sectors, especially education and health, providing a solid foundation of key staff and qualified and trained human resources. If the Prime Minister of Israel was looking for a peace deal with the US Congress, then he certainly got it May 24, 2011. The Congress clearly endorsed a speech which amounted to Mr. Netanyahus declaration of war. To expand its socio-economic achievements, consolidate its development success story and compete in the New Economy, Dubai needs to adopt some basic long-term strategies. These strategies, if adopted, might ensure the continuity of the growth of Dubais economy smoothly along the road of sustainable development. Copyright b'huth (Dubai Consultancy Research & Media Centre) 2010

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517, Fairmont Office Suites Building, Sheikh Zayed Road
United Arab Emirates


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