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Converged Communication Middle East And North Africa

Converged Communication Middle East And North Africa Details
Business Activity/Category:Communication Equipments > Telecommunication Companies
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • DXB:04-3910906      (+971 4 3910906) or (043910906)
  • DXB:04-3918868      (+971 4 3918868) or (043918868)
Location:307, Building 3, Dubai Internet City

Are You Ready for HD Voice? Even though voice services are ubiquitous and have seemingly become as ho-hum a commodity as milk, voice quality is still a critical measure for carrier success. In many cases, minor improvements in voice quality have had. 3G Video Services Carriers and developers are now focused on a new challenge, converging video services with voice and text applications. More than 100 network operators and 50 million subscribers are already using 3G-324M, an umbrella standard for the delivery of real-time. Rhapsody Integration Engine For years, expertise have been contributing to integration, EMR, EHR and RHIO implementations and disease management programs worldwide.New added capabilities to health infrastructure by linking legacy systems, providing secure data access and. Dialogic is a leading provider of world-class multimedia and signaling technologies and platforms. Dialogic enables its customers and partners to provide innovative IP, wireless, and video solutions. RadiSys (NASDAQ: RSYS) is a leading provider of advanced solutions for the communications networking and commercial systems markets. Its products include embedded boards, application enabling platforms and application-ready systems. Syntellect is a leading provider of self-service and live contact center solutions. Syntellect empowers customers to achieve the best mix of automated and live assistance service with the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and conditions. Vocalcom is a leading international developer and integrator of contact center technology. Vocalcom has developed a complete solution portfolio enabling organizations to efficiently interact with their customers by all available communications channels. Vertical is a leading provider of telephony systems and applications to business customers worldwide. Vertical is an innovator in delivering high-value voice applications that enable businesses to be more productive and dramatically reduce costs. WinScribe is a world leading provider of digital dictation software supporting business requirements for digital dictation and transcription, voice recognition, workflow management. It enables organizations to improve employee performance. The heart of Philips solution is SpeechExec Enterprise, a powerful dictation software solution based on the experience of over 50 years in professional speech processing. Philips has helped pioneer dictation technology, enabling users to work more productively. Orion Health is a leading provider of clinical workflow and integration technology for the healthcare sector. We add new capabilities to health infrastructure by linking legacy systems, providing secure data access and creating a unified view of patient information. VPI is a leading innovator and provider of integrated interaction recording and workforce optimization solutions for enterprises, trading floors, government agencies, and first responders. VPI empowers organizations to proactively improve the customer experience. Sagem-Interstar is the pioneer in boardless SIP/IP fax. Its fax server solutions offer email-based, desktop faxing and fax outsourcing, catering to enterprises and service providers of all sizes. They reduce costs, increase productivity, and streamline business processes.

Location Map

307, Building 3, Dubai Internet City
United Arab Emirates


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