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Shabakkat Operations

Shabakkat Operations Details
Business Activity/Category:Communication Equipments > Telecommunication Consultants
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • DXB:04-3349688      (+971 4 3349688) or (043349688)
  • DXB:04-3349687      (+971 4 3349687) or (043349687)
Location:305, Al Khaleej Building, Zabeel Road, Al Karama

Shabakkat, the significant partner in Middle-East and Africa capable of providing advanced Telecom services. Connecting business to technology for an entire value chain stakeholderssatisfaction. Optimism and Positivism to achieve the Business Targets. Remember Me During the 2008 year MTN-Irancell network group secured the. Over Several years of cooperation between Zain group. Somecustomers quote

Location Map

305, Al Khaleej Building, Zabeel Road, Al Karama
United Arab Emirates


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