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Magrudy Enterprises LLC

Magrudy Enterprises LLC Details
Business Activity/Category:Education > Bookshops & Newsagents
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • DXB:04-2974321      (+971 4 2974321) or (042974321)
  • DXB:04-2979862      (+971 4 2979862) or (042979862)
Location:Near Kangaroo Plastics, Al Ittihad Road

Price: 46.00AED Price: 125.00AED Price: 35.00AED Adult Fiction Adult Non-Fiction Children Fiction Please follow these steps to set up and start using your website: For more information, please refer to the help section, or the online Drupal handbooks. You may also post at the Drupal forum, or view the wide range of other support options available. Live shows every Sat from 12nn to 3pm on DubaiEye 103.8 Click here to buy books directly or enquire about title availability in our branches Keep up-to-date with goings on at Magrudy's and the literary world in Dubai Collect 4 stamps on your Magrudy's Camel Club card and your 5th book is on us Order with the comfort of your home the right uniform for your child Books at AED 5, 10, 15.BRILLIANT! That's all you can say. Brilliant Buys! Attention all Loyalty card holders! Present your card at time of the transactions and earn points. Checkout our weekly fiction, non-fiction, adult and children bestsellers

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Near Kangaroo Plastics, Al Ittihad Road
United Arab Emirates


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