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Nuhart Hair Transplant Clinic

Nuhart Hair Transplant Clinic Details
Business Activity/Category:Hair Prodcuts & Services > Hair Replacement
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • DXB:04-2955335      (+971 4 2955335) or (042955335)
  • DXB:04-2955991      (+971 4 2955991) or (042955991)
Location:202, Al Wahda Building, Deira

HAVE YOUR OWN NATURAL GROWING HAIR BACK AGAIN WITH NU/HART HAIR TRANSPLANTS. Congratulations! Youve found the only natural and permanent solution to hair loss. Unlike tonics, pills, laser treatments and wigs, which at best can only slow down, stop or hide hair loss, hair transplantation is the only natural way to regrow your hair. Its your own hair, and it continues to grow for the rest of your life! You see, hair is genetically programmed to grow, rest, and shed. Thinning and balding occurs when follicles are susceptible to DHT (the hormone that destroys hair follicles) and as a result, shedding exceeds new hair growth. Hair transplantation is the process of removing follicular units from the donor area (the back or sides of your head) and placing it in the thinning and balding area. Hair from the donor area is not susceptible to hair loss and is genetically programmed to grow for the rest of your life. Thats right. Hair transplantation is permanent and needs no additional maintenance. At Nu/Hart, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is #1. The Nu/Hart team of hair restoration specialists will work diligently to give you the ultimate, natural-looking results. Nu/Hart will provide you with the absolute finest service and quality care, and give you the worlds best hair transplant process at an affordable price. With over 25 years of experience in hair restoration, Nu/Hart is the ultimate solution to hair loss for athletes, celebrities, students, professionals, service / trades people and anyone who is concerned about hair loss. Learn more about why Nu/Hart is the choice of tens of thousands of people who want to combat hair loss. No matter where you are on the planet, there is now a safe, simple, and natural solution to re-grow your hair at one of our many offices around the world in: At Nu/Hart, hair transplantation is all we do and we do it well, unlike other centers that offer a dozen procedures and services. By completing the form below, you will instantly: qualify for our Internet Special: 200 extra grafts FREE after 1000 grafts (minimum purchase required) Receive a customized hair loss treatment plan Get immediate answers to your hair loss questions Select A Preferred Clinic*Atlanta, GAChicago, ILPhiladelphia, PAPittsburgh, PANew York, NYLondon, UKDubai, UAEHong Kong, Hong KongMumbai, IndiaSan Juan, Puerto RicoManila, Philippines Comments *denotes required field

Location Map

202, Al Wahda Building, Deira
United Arab Emirates


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jaimone kuruvilla -

I am interested to know more about cost per graft. I would be interested in sending you my current photos through whatsapp and get some free consultation before i visit for a final check up. Suggest.


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