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Khasawneh & Associates

Khasawneh & Associates Details
Business Activity/Category:Legal Services > Lawyers & Legal Consultants
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • DXB:04-3326550      (+971 4 3326550) or (043326550)
  • DXB:04-3326433      (+971 4 3326433) or (043326433)
Location:1901, Al Moosa Tower II, Sheikh Zayed Road

Current Time: GMT+4 The United Arab Emirates has witnessed an extraordinary level of growth and development in various sectors over the last ten years and has fast become one of the key hubs for business in the world. Eversheds KSLG (in association with Khasawneh & Associates) has a diverse range of experience in advising on and working with the laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates and the various free zones. Most members of the team have previouslyheld in-house roles atleading regionaland multinational corporations. Our combined linguistic skills include Arabic, English, French, Armenian, Spanish and German. Our lawyers can advise you on a wide range of laws including banking and finance, corporate, commercial, employment, Intellectual property,litigation/international arbitration,M&A and read estate.At all times we are client centered, commercial and progressive in our thinking. Most of our lawyers are actively engaged in panels and committees for example, managing partner of Eversheds KSLG in Dubai, Nasser Al Khasawneh, is an officer of the Arab Regional Forum, part of the International Bar Association.

Location Map

1901, Al Moosa Tower II, Sheikh Zayed Road
United Arab Emirates


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