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Orient Consulting & Legal Translation

Orient Consulting & Legal Translation Details
Business Activity/Category:Legal Services > Legal Translation
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • DXB:04-2666306      (+971 4 2666306) or (042666306)
  • DXB:04-2666306      (+971 4 2666306) or (042666306)
  • DXB:04-2660071      (+971 4 2660071) or (042660071)
  • DXB:04-2660071      (+971 4 2660071) or (042660071)
Location:109, Bayat Complex, Behind Al Mamzaar Centre, Hor Al Anz

Orient Consulting & Legal Translation has occupied a leadership position in translation and legal consulting for the past 10 years. We employ highly qualified and professional translators of many fields of specialization including legal translation. Our translators work under direct management of Dr. Safaa Mahmoud Al Janabi, Professor of Linguistics and Translation, Faculty of languages, Baghdad University. Currently Dr. Safa is a candidate for doctorate degree Russian National Institute for Intellectual Property in Moscow; he is working on a thesis paper on international private law under the supervision of I.A. Bliznets, professor, doctor of law. Since 1990, Dr. Safaa M. Al Janabi has been a member of International Federation of Translators FIT. Being General Secretary of the Iraqi Translator Association for many years, Dr. Safaa Al Janabi contributed in developing translation movement in Iraq, attended many scientific seminars and business activities held in Iraq, UAE, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Russia, CIS and other countries. Apart from legal translation of contracts, agreements, certificates and documents from different modern languages into Arabic and vice versa, our Company provides a package of services related to translation including document legalization domestically and internationally, interpretation for VIPs and consecutive translation services and equipment. We also offer Notary Public services and company registration in all Emirates and Free Zone Authorities. Orient Consulting & Legal Translation has the approval of Ministry of Justice of UAE No.168 issued on 29.04.2000 for practicing legal translation. Our company is also registered in the Department of Economic Development of Dubai under the license No.588630 issued on 29.11.2006. Has long-term co-operation experience with corporate clients both in government and private business sector inside UAE and aboard

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109, Bayat Complex, Behind Al Mamzaar Centre, Hor Al Anz
United Arab Emirates


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