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Al Dhafra International Lubricants Oil Factory

Al Dhafra International Lubricants Oil Factory Details
Business Activity/Category: > Lubricants
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • DXB:04-2995633      (+971 4 2995633) or (042995633)
  • FUJ:09-2227700      (+971 9 2227700) or (092227700)
  • DXB:04-2995633      (+971 4 2995633) or (042995633)
  • FUJ:09-2227700      (+971 9 2227700) or (092227700)
  • DXB:04-2995644      (+971 4 2995644) or (042995644)
  • FUJ:09-2227702      (+971 9 2227702) or (092227702)
  • DXB:04-2995644      (+971 4 2995644) or (042995644)
  • FUJ:09-2227702      (+971 9 2227702) or (092227702)
Location:301 A, Mazda Showroom, Al Ittihad Road

High-End Commitment to Quality Products, Customer Satisfaction and Steadily Growing Long-term Business Relationships that adds Value to our Customers and Suppliers Adilof news:ADILOF Team joined the 56th Damascus International Exhibition held in Syria last 14th to 22nd of July 2009 as representative for U.A.E. ADILOF Team joined the International Trade Malaysia 2009 and become 1 of the Exhibitor in the said event. It was held at MATRADE Exhibition & Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last 10th to 12th of November 2009. Adilof Lubricants supports some environmental protection activities in Fujairah UAE ADILOF Products has been widely distributed and known for more than 20 countries as far as the latest areas like Lebanon, Palistine, Yemen, Libya, Benin, Togo Kenya and West Coast in Africa and continues to outgrow outshine until now. Welcome to Adilof AL-DHAFRA INTERNATIONAL LUBRICANTS OILS UAE (Adilof) is a growing UAE national lubricants manufacturing company which is headed by a UAE citizen offering specialties conventional lubricants as well as automotive oil, Marine oil, Industrial oil with super quality grease and coolant. Adilof is serving a wide range of international customers from various countries, as well as, UAE local markets. Adilof provides concept of innovations and ideas with technical support and excellent quality & service to our customers. The main registered brand of Al Dhafra International is Adilof. The objective of AL DHAFRA INTERNATIONAL is mainly offer effective services that ensures customer satisfaction. Adilof utilize properties which can be used to maximize the base oils by advance technologies, including Antioxidant, Anti-wear additives Antifoam additives, Extreme pressure, Pour point Depressants, corrosion, Inhibitors, Rust inhibitors, Viscosity index, Emulsifiers, Tackiness agents, Detergent, Dispersants and alkalinity improvers. We aim to produce top quality lubricants and exceeding high class specification blended in our Fujairah factory, which is fully equipped with modern apparatus. At Adilof, we are highly committed to Quality and we take all the necessary measures in this respect. At Adilof, we are highly committed to preserve and enhance environment protection. Adilof's Product Offerings include a wide range of Premium Quality Lubricants that fulfill all needs.

Location Map

301 A, Mazda Showroom, Al Ittihad Road
United Arab Emirates


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