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Kant & Clients Auditors & Chartered Accountants

Kant & Clients Auditors & Chartered Accountants Details
Business Activity/Category:Manpower & Services > Accountants & Auditors
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • DXB:04-2212168      (+971 4 2212168) or (042212168)
  • DXB:04-2212168      (+971 4 2212168) or (042212168)
  • DXB:04-2212168      (+971 4 2212168) or (042212168)
  • DXB:04-2281411      (+971 4 2281411) or (042281411)
  • DXB:04-2281411      (+971 4 2281411) or (042281411)
  • DXB:04-2281411      (+971 4 2281411) or (042281411)
Location:838, Al Ghurair Centre (Office Tower), Rigga Road, Deira

Kant & Clients has been providing Professional Auditing, Accounting and a whole range of other related Financial Services for many years in Dubai, Sharjah and other areas of the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East, and the rest of the world. By keeping the highest standards for its Chartered Accountancy / Public Accounting Services, Kant & Clients is determined to provide high-quality Professional Services to its clients. The Managing Partner of Kant & Clients is Mr. Ramakant Singhal. Mr. Singhal is a Commerce Graduate and a Chartered Accountant in practice for more than a decade. Mr. Singhal has been involved in providing Statutory & Internal Auditing, Project Feasibility Study, Financial Software Consultancy and a range of other Professional Services. He has been associated with BDO Binder in India, providing services to top industrial houses of South Asia - Birlas, Modi's, Goenkas, Dalmias, etc. for more than half a decade. He continued to provide the same services for more than a decade to his clients in the United Arab Emirates and other Middle-East countries. Kant & Clients employs professionals who specialise in each area of its services. Before being employed, each one's professional background is thoroughly reviewed, to make sure that the person being employed can keep up the highest standards followed by Kant & Clients. At the onset of employment, each professional undergoes a carefully planned 'Induction Program', which bascially makes him/her familiar with the Work Culture, Standards, Procedures, Rules & Regulations etc. prevailing in Kant & Clients, its Clientele and in United Arab Emirates, and in other areas of its activities in general. In addition to the 'Induction Program' , Kant & Clients also arranges for 'Refresher Program' every quarter. For need-based training programs, Kant & Clients dynamically evaluates the contemporary professional development requiring in-depth attention. The training programs are conducted either in-house by Seniors, or by outside Professionals, or by participating in externally held Seminars. Each professional in Kant & Clients has to be 'Medium' to 'Expert' level in computers (specially office automation software, financial software, computer-based systems, auditing techniques & procedures etc.). Wherever necessary we arrange for Computer-related Training to fill any need-gaps. >Advancing technology is driving a lot of antiqueted professional standards obsolete. Today's professional has to be dynamic, at par with ever-changing requirements. Professionals at Kant & Clients keep in touch with the contemporary standards by subscribing to the latest Accounting Literature and browsing through relevant Internet Contents regularly. This helps them to innovate their professional techniques and to be in-command in progressively sophisticated auditing, accounting & systems environments. Kant & Clients has a very healthy practice of holding weekly Group Disccussions amongst its Professional staff to exchange new ideas, findings and queries. Kant & Clients is associated with Emirates Business Management (EBM), together providing turn-key solutions to its clients. EBM specialises in Management and IT Consultancy and Training, Software Development and Internet-related services. Kant & Clients and EBM together provide Professional Service to more than a 1000 clients in 32 cities in 11 countries from their 3 offices in United Arab Emirates. The core areas of Services provided by Kant & Clients can be highlighted in the following broad categories - Auditing Services Accounting Services Financial Software Services Financial Services Management Services Legal Services Offshore More details of each of the above categories are discussed in 'Professional Services' part. At the end-of-the-day, we, at Kant & Clients, feel content and satisfied as our Clients feel content and satisfied. Our philosophy is : "Give your best to the world, and the best would come back to you ."

Location Map

838, Al Ghurair Centre (Office Tower), Rigga Road, Deira
United Arab Emirates


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Umesh -

Everything thing written above is bullshit.. This is the worst firm where I have worked.. In short there are no ethical standards observed..


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