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Health Call FZ LLC

Health Call FZ LLC Details
Business Activity/Category:Medical Services & Supplies > Medical Information Services
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • DXB:04-3635343      (+971 4 3635343) or (043635343)
  • DXB:04-3635344      (+971 4 3635344) or (043635344)
Location:Blk 'B', Ibn Sina Building, Dubai Healthcare City

Welcome to Health Call! Welcome to our clinic and house call service. We are here to serve you and your family in both sickness and health. In order to familiarize yourself with our practice, please take a few minutes to read through the following information. We are a team of North American and European board certified doctors and specialists who provide comprehensive health care for people of all ages, nationalities and religions.

Location Map

Blk 'B', Ibn Sina Building, Dubai Healthcare City
United Arab Emirates


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