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Balsam Drug & Medical Store

Balsam Drug & Medical Store Details
Business Activity/Category:Medical Services & Supplies > Pharmaceutical Products
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • DXB:04-3455755      (+971 4 3455755) or (043455755)
  • DXB:04-2826528      (+971 4 2826528) or (042826528)
Location:305, Dubai Real Estate Building, Al Mina Road

Bathroom Safety Orthopedic Support Quality Orthopedic Product Supplement Balsam Drug and Medical Equipment Co. (Dubai, UAE) Over 27 Years of Dispensing Reliable and Affordable Medical Treatment To our Loyal Customers: Customer need varies widely and we pride ourselves with quality multiple product category, extensive product knowledge and good customer service. We always recognize the value for your money and expectation. Though our core business is wholesale operation, each of our retail pharmacy carries a wide product ranges and managed by expert and licensed pharmacist to welcome your need. Our branch outlet are located in strategic growing community in Dubai and each retail outlet carries the newest and affordable product line addressing the changing needs of the community from nutritional to hygiene to medical equipment to food supplement to treatment solution to general home accessories. As a matured organization, we keep ourselves abreast with the changing times by adopting new technology and introducing best pharmaceutical practices to our business operation and keeping in alignment with Dubai Ministry of Health (MOH) policies to ensure consumers with highest quality product and service. To our Dedicated Suppliers and Partners: To our suppliers, we believed in true partnership and mutual business in growing side by side. We honor our commitment to grow with our partners even in the most changing business climate. We are open-minded to change and exchange of ideas to achieve one common goal to serve our customers with the most reliable and affordable medical treatment possible. Our Commitment: Balsam Drug and Medical is committed and dedicated to the community of UAE. Our years of business existence proves it. We continue to expand and widen our product line and its reliability in alignment to high standards of Dubai Ministry of Health process. Balsam Main Office Al Garhoud Area Airport Road (near to DHL office) Dubai, UAE Postal: P.O. Box 12321, Dubai, UAE Phone: +971-4-282-3108 Fax: +971-4-282-6528 E-mail: [email protected] Website:

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305, Dubai Real Estate Building, Al Mina Road
United Arab Emirates


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