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Bominflot Fujairah

Bominflot Fujairah Details
Business Activity/Category:Marine > Marine & Offshore - Bunkering Services
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • FUJ:09-2232124      (+971 9 2232124) or (092232124)
  • FUJ:09-2232125      (+971 9 2232125) or (092232125)
Location:903, Trade Centre

The Bominflot Group is pleased to inform that Mr. Sebastian Clausen has joined Bominflot The Bominflot Group is pleased to announce our latest expansion to our European operations. The Bominflot Group informs that Mr. Henny de Goede has ceased his role as Managing Director Our Internet presentation is intended to introduce you to our international products and services. If you would like to know more about Bominflots offices in your immediate area, visit our contact page. We thank you for your interest and hope that your visit is both informative and productive.

Location Map

903, Trade Centre
United Arab Emirates


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