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Punch Limited FZE

Punch Limited FZE Details
Business Activity/Category:Buildings & Constructions > Building - Portable & Prefabricated
City:Jebal Ali
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • JBL:04-8814786      (+971 4 8814786) or (048814786)
  • JBL:04-8814786      (+971 4 8814786) or (048814786)
  • JBL:04-8812786      (+971 4 8812786) or (048812786)
  • JBL:04-8812786      (+971 4 8812786) or (048812786)
Location:Gate 4, Roundabout 6, Jafza

Established in 1975, the original MODEST enterprise has expanded to a group of companies whose major activities include metal roof waterproofing, modular and steel-framed housing, sanitation/toilet units, storage sheds, offshore modules, onshore camps, 'off-the-shelf' cabin and toilet leasing, project site services, GPR canopies and car park sheds, home furnishing, orthopedic bedding and soft furnishing. Each activity in the group with its own operating division, supply leading companies with quality goods and service. The main fabrication and assembly tasks are undertaken at the new Jebel Ali Free Zone facility.

Location Map

Gate 4, Roundabout 6, Jafza
Jebal Ali
United Arab Emirates


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