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Astra Autoparts M E PT

Astra Autoparts M E PT Details
Business Activity/Category:Car Rental & Services > Car Parts & Accessories - New
City:Jebal Ali
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • JBL:04-8832622      (+971 4 8832622) or (048832622)
  • JBL:04-8832622      (+971 4 8832622) or (048832622)
  • JBL:04-8832623      (+971 4 8832623) or (048832623)
  • JBL:04-8832623      (+971 4 8832623) or (048832623)
Location:VA-8, Roundabout 8, Jebel Ali Free Zone

Location Map

VA-8, Roundabout 8, Jebel Ali Free Zone
Jebal Ali
United Arab Emirates


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Delsa Filter -

Dear Person in Charge, Today every car's owner knows that a good filter is the guarantee of the entire car's performance. The company Delsa Filter was founded in 2005 in Turkey. The main activity of the company, is to produce the all kinds of filters for all types of the cars: oil, fuel, air, hydraulic etc. We use exclusively German raw materials for our products. Intended for intensive and high-quality work, in the same year the company receives the Quality Certificates TS932, TS7404, TS5395, and TS / ISO 9001: 2008. Long years we invested with the technical equipment to speed up the production process, which in turn served to improve the technology of producing the goods to an ideal quality. Along with the growth of the quality, our company has grown in sales, and also in production scale. Today the factory occupies 17,500 m2, with us more than 500 specialists employees. SASH cooperation, both with Turkish and foreign partners, has led to the fact that DELSA FILTRE has become a recognized national brand. In addition, having received the ISO / TS 16949: 2009, OHSAS 18001: 2007 quality certificates and ISO EN TS 14001: 2004, the brand quickly began to grow and approach its main goal - to become a recognizable international brand. By early 2015, the organization had completed all the preparatory processes to begin to work on the system of international accreditation. Today we export to more than 80 countries and we successfully cooperate with 25 dealers. We aim to gain an international recognition. Best Regards Elvina Vefaeva Tel: +90 212 931 14 46 Mob: +90 533 120 38 85 [email protected] [email protected] DELSA OTOMOTIV INDUSTRY TRADE CO.LTD. NISH ISTANBUL C Blok K:7 D:81 Çobançeşme Mahallesi, Sanayi Caddesi No:44, 34197 Bahçelievler/Istanbul


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