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Ascom Schweiz AG

Ascom Schweiz AG Details
Business Activity/Category:Communication Equipments > Telecommunication Companies
City:Jebal Ali
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • JBL:04-8810093      (+971 4 8810093) or (048810093)
  • JBL:04-8810093      (+971 4 8810093) or (048810093)
Location:LOB 15, Jebel Ali Free Zone

Half-Year Report 2011 Annual Report 2010 When every seconds counts Wireless on-site communication solutions for hospitals, elderly care, and other establishments. Evolving networks. Trusted solutions. Testing and optimization solutions for mobile networks. Serving our customers anywhere at any time Communication solutions for national and civilian security organizations. Ascom is an international provider of Mission-Critical Communication solutions. The company focuses on the areas of Wireless Solutions, Network Testing and Security Communication. We are the leading provider of Enterprise mobility, offering voice and messaging solutions with a broad range of purpose-built handsets, regardless of technology. Global Provider of TEMS - the Gold Standard in Wireless Network Testing, Monitoring and Analysis. We are a leading supplier of products and solutions in the areas of alarming and mobilisation, tactical communication, telecom as well as public and private transport. When interoperability and integration really matter TEMS market-leading wireless network testing, benchmarking, reporting and analysis solutions. Tactical communication solutions for homeland security - Enabling Network-Centric Operations Learn more 2011 Ascom| Legal Information and Privacy| About this website

Location Map

LOB 15, Jebel Ali Free Zone
Jebal Ali
United Arab Emirates


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