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Sharjah Ports Authority Department Of Ports & Customs

Sharjah Ports Authority Department Of Ports & Customs Details
Business Activity/Category:Freights and Cargos > Customs & Ports
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • SHJ:06-5281666      (+971 6 5281666) or (065281666)
  • SHJ:06-5281666      (+971 6 5281666) or (065281666)
  • SHJ:06-5281425      (+971 6 5281425) or (065281425)
  • SHJ:06-5281425      (+971 6 5281425) or (065281425)
Location:Al Khan-Al Layyah Street

Port Khalid Customs Centre is located at the main gate of the port. Customs inspection of goods and containers and passenger control are carried out a. Khorfakkan is one of the world's leading container transshipment ports. It is strategically located on Sharjah's Indian Ocean coast, outside the sensi. The Harbour construction at Hamriyah was commenced in 1984 and completed in 1986, followed by the construction of the LPG loading berth which.

Location Map

Al Khan-Al Layyah Street
United Arab Emirates


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