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Truebell Marketing International Limited

Truebell Marketing International Limited Details
Business Activity/Category:Garments & Clothings > Linen - Manufacturers
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • SHJ:06-5579941      (+971 6 5579941) or (065579941)
  • SHJ:06-5579941      (+971 6 5579941) or (065579941)
  • SHJ:06-5579943      (+971 6 5579943) or (065579943)
  • SHJ:06-5579943      (+971 6 5579943) or (065579943)
Location:A3-51, SAIF Zone

Please Select. Welspun Corp Ltd. Welspun India Ltd. Welspun Syntex Ltd. Welspun Steel Ltd. Welspun U.S.A. Inc. Welspun KOJO Welspun Zucchi Textiles Ltd. Welspun Retail Ltd. Welspun UK Ltd. Welspun Sorema Europe, S.A Welspun Global Brands Ltd. Welspun Energy Ltd. Welspun Middle East Pipe LLC Welspun Middle East Pipe Coating LLC Welspun Maxsteel Ltd. Welspun Investments & Commercials Ltd. Remi Metals Gujarat Ltd. Welspun Projects Ltd. Welspun Logistics Ltd. A US$ 3 billion Welspun Group, is an amalgamation of expertise, resources, opportunities and engineering excellence. With global leadership position in Line Pipe and Home Textiles, its marquee client list includes most of the Fortune 100 Companies operating in Oil & Gas and retail sector like Chevron, TCPL, Exxon Mobil, Wal-Mart, Target amongst others. With strong foothold in over 50 Countries, over 24,000 employees & 100,000+ shareholders, Welspun is one of India's fastest growing conglomerates. Welspun believes in its crucial role of a responsible corporate citizen and sincerely practice empowerment of the underprivileged and sustenance of the environment. Besides being a global leader in most of the businesses, Welspun acts as a responsible corporate citizen, sincerely practicing empowerment of the underprivileged and sustenance of the environment. With a participative approach towards social development, the company is guided by thethree E's -Education,Empowerment and Health. At Welspun each and every Welspunite contributes to the community at large. Over the last 25 years, Welspun has established itself as one of Indias fastest growing multinationals. Today, with a global leadership position in line pipes and home textiles,

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A3-51, SAIF Zone
United Arab Emirates


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