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Promis Project Management Engineering Systems

Promis Project Management Engineering Systems Details
Business Activity/Category:Consultancies > Project Management Consultancy
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • DXB:04-3365455      (+971 4 3365455) or (043365455)
  • DXB:04-3364755      (+971 4 3364755) or (043364755)
Location:12, Block 2, Office Land Building, Al Qutaeyat Road, Karama

Project Scheduling & Cost Control It is explaining many things about my job, it will help me to understand and improve in the next projects. It is short compare to the amount of content. See Details PROMIS is a leading Consulting Engineering & Training Firm, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 1993, specialized in providing Professional Quality Training & Development Programs to a variety of clients across the region in the Public and Private sectors. We have an excellent reputation in the Middle East region for offering and delivering Quality Professional Short Training Programs. Upcoming Training Programs and International Conferences Jamal F. AlBahar, Ph.D., PMP, AVS A promise made is a promise delivered . Guaranteed

Location Map

12, Block 2, Office Land Building, Al Qutaeyat Road, Karama
United Arab Emirates


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