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Delhi Private School

Delhi Private School Details
Business Activity/Category:Education > Schools
Country:United Arab Emirates
  • SHJ:06-5345352      (+971 6 5345352) or (065345352)
  • SHJ:06-5345858      (+971 6 5345858) or (065345858)
Location:Near National Paints, Industrial Area 16

Long time ago, the aspiring learner sought for his master traveling miles to satisfy his quest for knowledge and wisdom. His Teacher was the summum bonum of all he was searching for. There was a deep bond of camaraderie between them as they interacted debated and learned together with nature as their portal and platform. Each day was a new experience of discovering and finding things. Today, exuding the same spirit of competence and freedom, Information Technology has taken the position of an omnipotent master who makes learning much more thrilling and rewarding. The smart possibilities are infinite and we at Delhi Private School, Sharjah wish to harness the IT to maximize the learning opportunities for our students. We make sure that they miss nothing. At DPS, Sharjah, every child is treated as a genius in his or her own capacity and maximum opportunities are provided to mould them into dynamic, well rounded personalities who will contribute meaningfully and make a positive difference to the world around them. We welcome you to this interactive website which gives you all the necessary information you may require about the school and helps you understand the DPS system of Education for your child. For any further details you may fill in the feed back form and you will be contacted immediately

Location Map

Near National Paints, Industrial Area 16
United Arab Emirates


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